Personal Picks from Arc'teryx

From my time as an ambassador for Arc'teryx Toronto I was lucky enough to use a bunch of pieces from their line-up while logging quite a bit of mileage on them. I figure we don't all get a chance to try so many pieces before purchasing, so this serves as a buyer's guide to get the most out of your buck and for what you need.

While Arc'teryx Toronto did support me quite extensively, the following thoughts are my own and I decided to write this after my contract with them, so this is as honest as it gets - hope it helps!


  • Most versatile: pretty self explanatory - whatever piece I had on the most through any activity
  • Best value: the best bang for buck, regardless of intended use
  • Trump card: the one you want when shit hits the fan - the ultimate ass-saver
  • Climbing favourite: the piece that shines best when used in climbing applications
  • Arc'teryx special: what Arc'teryx excels at above its competitors
  • One & only: if there was only one Arc'teryx piece I could own

Most used:

Photo: Andriy Kolos.

+ will handle a ton of compression cycles
+ durable face fabric (for its class)
+ good colour variety for all situations
+ light enough to bring with you for any outing
+ cuts wind quite well
- can be difficult to wash with down distribution

$400 CAD


Best value:

Photo: @dustin.jj

+ more breathable than most nylon wind shells
+ super (crazy) light
+ climbs really well
+ works well as active piece in colder weather
+ can be used in almost any layering system
- less durable face fabric

$250 CAD

Trump card:

+ unbelievable warmth for a synthetic piece
+ breathable, but also cuts wind!
+ can be slept in comfortably
+ super roomy for gloves and all other things
- costs your first born child

$800 CAD

Climbing favourite:

+ very durable face fabric
+ tapered cut is nice for looking good...
+ best layering piece
+ breathes well while also cutting some wind!
- feels.. extra syntheticy? (needed to find a con!)

$350 CAD

Arc'teryx special:

Photo: Andriy Kolos

+ incredibly refined hardshell for climbing
+ durable just enough without being heavy
- would still like included pit zips

$550 CAD

One & only:

Photo: @dustin.jj

+ keeps things dry (water is weight)
+ durable face fabric
+ super streamlined
+ crazy light
- weird rope strap
- hip belt could use padding

$300 CAD